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     "Thank you Michelle. As a first time mom, amidst the pandemic, with severe postpartum anxiety and depression, and a whole lot of birth trauma, to a healthy and happy nearly one year old who was still yet to sleep through the night or eat a proper meal; I was at an exhausted loss of what to try next (for both myself and my daughter). I had spent years prior to pregnancy, and months during her first year of life, healing (or so I thought) old traumas and old ways of being. Being beyond patient with the process, accepting that I could not control anything to do with my baby’s routines (or seemingly lack thereof), taking the prescribed meds, exercising and meditating regularly. They all worked, to some degree, but something was still amiss. I couldn’t quite put a finger on exactly what it was. Turns out, Michelle knew exactly what to do, to help us both heal on a deeper level than I was capable of myself. I felt less physical and emotional pain in my body than ever before (in my life). My daughter slept through the night from that night on (no more hunger issues, no more teething pain (and she now has double the teeth she had at 1), no more nightmares, no more crying endlessly for hours in the middle of the night to help self regulate herself). I felt lighter, more at ease, and things that normally would have triggered me in the past, rolled right off me. I still am a human raising another human during a pandemic, so we still have our highs and lows; they are more manageable, less extreme, more enjoyable. Michelle taught us both how to actively engage in shielding ourselves from other people’s energies; the importance of listening to our bodies and giving them exactly what they need day-to-day; and the difficult lesson, that even if we do the work, sometimes we may need some assistance to release what is deep within us. I cannot recommend Michelle’s services enough; in particular, to any new mom (or parent), who is exhausted, or at their wits end, or simply in need of that something extra to help you to heal, physically or emotionally, and be more in tune with your body and mind."                                                                                                                                                                


"Receiving the gifts of her skills has boosted my growth"

      “I found myself sitting in the ashes of my life, like a Phoenix and not knowing how to rise. With Michelle's intuitive skill set, support and guidance I have been able to rise into the next chapter of my life. Receiving the gifts of her skills have boosted my growth, confidence and sense of purpose. The support of energy clearing has made many things make sense and I am often surprised that I could still be carrying energies/baggage that I thought I had long since released”. 


“The more recent sessions that have linked to past lives have been profoundly healing; having the opportunity to acknowledge and release memories and energies from times past has brought a feeling of lightness to both my body and spirit. The glimpses of information gained when past lives are linked also gives me a sense of peace somehow, that I am acknowledging and linking parts of myself together across time and space. In a way I feel I am meeting myself with these glimpses”. 


“Michelle is an amazing healer and her skills are life enhancing, I am forever grateful that I am able to work with her.” 💚

                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Lindsay Z 

"For the first time in two years, I could!"

     "After dealing with a frozen shoulder for almost two years and seeing four chiropractors, two acupuncturists, two massage therapists and an osteopath, I knew my issue was no just a physical one. At the beginning of my first session with Michelle, we did a couple of tests to measure my ROM, she did the emotion / body clearing exercise, which was a serious of questions I didn’t even have to verbally answer. She then asked me to lift my arm over my head, and for the first time in two years, I could!" 🤯 

                                                                                               -Trish P 

"She continues to create healing space for me"

 "I felt less physical and emotional pain in my body than ever before (in my life)."

      "Michelle has become an essential member to my wellness team. She continues to create healing space for me, both through her expertise in the Emotion Code but also as a spiritual counselor. Her authenticity and life giving guidance has helped me to transform wounds into lessons and lessons into gifts. With her support, I have been able to unpack energy that has been weighing me down, although I was unaware of it. Her intuitive presence, guidance and her gift for space holding has given me the opportunity to shed layers and get more in touch my my essence and deep truth. It’s been an incredible journey working with her."                                                     

                                                                                                  - Amanda C

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