If you are ready to let go

of your baggage and move forward in life with an open heart, lightness in your spirit, and less physical pain, please feel free to contact me if you have questions, inquiries, or are ready to book your sessions. It is my belief and philosophy that we can heal from any heartbreak, physical illness, mental or emotional trauma when we are willing to give it up and let it go by listening to the bodies wisdom and communication. It is my mission in life to assist, guide, and aid others on their journey to be more at peace, ease, and understanding. 


New Client (or non-active client for 2 + years) 1 hour                                      $230    

(deficiencies testing / food intolerances / full body assessment / energy clearing)      


25 min Clearing Session only (phone or by distance)                                    $110 

                  30 min Intuitive Coaching Session + 25 min Clearing Session Combo        $230 


   I recommend a commitment to your health of at least 3 sessions so there is follow up to asses your wellness. 


Sessions are pre-booked and pre-paid before the scheduled time via e-transfer to drmthompson@hotmail.com 


    Pre-session intention- I ask that you come to the session with an open mind, and open heart and a willingness to try something new. Set an intention or prayer to receive the most out of your session. 


    A summary of the clearing and findings will be emailed to you after the session.