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Emotion Code Clearing Sessions

Body Code Clearing Sessions

Intuitive Guidance 


What is Emotion Code and Body Code? 

The Emotion Code and Body Code are systematic and tested systems of using energy to remove blockages in the body that prevent healing. Everything on earth is composed of energy as stated by the law of relativity - all matter is composed of energy, the only difference is how close the molecules are to each other (solid) or how far apart (gas/ liquid), but everything is made of energy. Based on this premise the Emotion Code and Body Code practitioners use muscle testing to ask what interfering energies are present that are creating your problem and then releases them. 


How does it work?  How is it done? 

Sessions are typically done over the phone or zoom and I will muscle test for you to ask if the symptoms or problems you are have an underlying cause or reason. Then using energy, intention, and a magnet, we clear those interfering energies out for good. It's very gentle, easy, and effective without having to re-hash past traumas verbally. Interference is simply found and released. 

What Can Emotion Code and Body Code be used for

The Emotion Code and Body Code can look at any challenge whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. All we need to do is ask and muscle test the system, and then release it. 


What do I do now? 

You can book a session and try it for yourself. This is a new modality that has to be experienced in your body to really feel and understand the benefits of energetic clearing. 


How is this different than other energetic modalities or healings? 

The Emotion Code and  Body Code are inclusive of many many techniques so the testing is very compressive as to any underlying causes of your issue. Emotion Code and Body Code also looks at trapped emotions with a specific age of occurrence and origin that is found and then simply released. 



Can children have the Emotion Code or Body Code done as well? 

Yes absolutely. As many of us know on the spiritual path, we often need to go into our childhood to heal traumas and trapped emotions from specific and difficult events that we had to process from that time. What a gift to give a child to allow them to release these issues now versus carrying these traumas, fear and trapped emotions into adulthood which can create many negative and detrimental patterns that take years to undo. This way children are allowed to live more freely and grow up unencumbered.



Pets can also carry trapped emotions and energies which negatively affect their health, attitude, performance and behaviour. Sessions can be done with pets who are suffering from any challenge or ailment. 


What is the intuitive guidance or coaching you offer? 

Intuitive guidance or coaching (done previous to energy clearing)  is when a client discusses a specific issue or challenge they are facing and we use intuitive, as well as practical tools, to bring you to your own solution, new way of dealing with it., or new perspective. This may consist of a variety of intuitively guided questions, inquiries, or invitations to try new practices. We can also explore the triggers, patterns or possible causes of any reactions that are happening which can lead into the clearing of these energies in the combined session.

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