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Meet Dr Michelle


   I use my medical training, clinical experience, as well as my intuitive insights, visions, and gifts for a comprehensive personalized healing experience.

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My Story

     At a very young age I really struggled with my sensitivity. I adopted alot of patterns to cope with the things I was feeling rather than realizing that I was sensing things from other people and even other spirits that were present around me. I had intense nightmares and visions with no context with which to ground them in. I enjoyed school and loved to learn about the way things worked so my natural curiosity and slightly rebellious nature lead me to alternative healing. I started to see that there was more than what I was being told was true at play in society around me. 


      I believe I was called to become a chiropractor and after 7 years of study, my real education began. I began to really study people, their behaviours, how their bodies felt, not just physically but on a deeper level. I read books about spirituality, worked with many different healers in different fields and medicine people from North and South America. My mind was being opened to the power of our inner being. I got to see miracles and learn to love myself and others in the process. This has been the most difficult and the most amazing journey I have ever experienced and with this experience I am more authentically able to guide others. 

     I love to help people and I love to hear peoples stories. I have now worked wth over 85,000 clients so far in my career as a healer. I just received my certification in Emotion Code and Body Code clearing, which is essentially a system to unburden the body mind and soul. This has taken my healing to the next level and I am so happy to be able to offer my clients more tools to unburden themselves. 

     I now am focused on helping those who really are on spiritual journey and want to help themselves to walk in their own personal truth and power. I tend to work with a lot of empaths, healers, and extremely sensitive people who are having difficulty understanding and directing their gifts. 

     I use my medical logic, training and research as well as my intuitive insights, visions, and gifts for a comprehensive personalized healing experience.

      I currently reside in Kelowna, British Columbia with my dog Mister, where I enjoy photography, horsemanship, hiking, and days at the lake with my family. 



Let’s Work Together

Kelowna, British Columbia Canada 

Tel:  780-288-6275

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